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Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2022 - 10am

A classy superyacht with equally classy 'chase' boat arrives.

The seal pontoon is doing its job. It's now a proper residential block.

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23 April 2022 - 06:47:28

As the 136metre cruise ship Maud arrived from Waterford in Ireland, six seals watched the huge vessel creep past.

Not in the least bit fussed by Maud you'll have to carry on down to see their issue.

In the meantiome, let's see the cruise ship come in to the harbour.......

23 April 2022 - 09:42:20

Dart Harbour were kind enough to provide a designated pontoon for the river's seal to sunbathe on. But either the seals can't read or other platforms are more comfortable, and so for the second day running some of the squatters have taken to residing upon RDYC's dinghy pontoon.

What are they looking at, you may well ask. Could it be the arrival of cruise ship Maud ?

Well read on to find out and also see how two seals fared the day before.

23 April 2022 - 06:42:18

Maud is operated by Hurtigruten Expeditions and is one of the bigger vessels to come into port in recent years.

It certainly looms large over the former Gunfield Hotel.

23 April 2022 - 06:47:57

Escorted in by the tug Prince Rock not too many residents will have seen it come in.

Note the time. I'll sleep in the winter.

23 April 2022 - 06:57:25  

Turn around for Maud was outside the Dart Marina Hotel. Quite a view for any early risers.

23 April 2022 - 09:43:03

So what were are seals looking at ?  Interlopers that's what. People who wanted to go sailing and disturb the peace of Dartmouth's finest (relaxing) swimmers. The yachties fared way better than their colleagues the previous day. Read on.......

22 April 2022 - 10:18:16  

There were just two squatters on Friday. It appeared that these RDYC members rather wanted to use one of the boats being so jealously guarded.

They tried a number of ruses to encourage a peaceful settlement. Including a few passes with perhaps some words of encouragement. Not all the drive-bys were this close but nothing moved the incumbants. Turns out that seals can be stubborn.

Have a look inside for more snaps. Click the pic.

22 April 2022 - 07:25:25

Friday also saw the first cruise ship visit of the season. The small but perfectly formed 74 metre expedition craft Ocean Nova arrived from St Helier on Jersey.  Seen here approaching the river mouth.

22 April 2022 - 08:12:57

Passing between the two castles, Ocean Nova is the first cruise ship in the port since the visit of Hebridean Skye on September 21st last year.

22 April 2022 - 08:19:35

There were a few spare ribs on board Ocean Nova.

22 April 2022 - 20:22:01

Ocean Nova's night time departure was a bonus.

20 April 2022 - 11:24:44

On to more mundane, but actually much more important things in the town.

The heritage lamposts have been getting a spit and polish.

20 April 2022 - 15:54:45

Over on the Kingswear shore these steps look set for a rebuild.

There will be a couple of problems. Time and Tide.

19 April 2022 - 14:20:53

Junior sailing at RDYC usually brings some fun.

No exception this week.

22 April 2022 - 20:07:41

Whilst waiting for Ocean Nova to depart on Friday, I noticed one of our friendly robins was feeding.

Surely eight at night is past their bedtime ?  

22 April 2022 - 14:58:37

Any ideas anyone ?  It has a blue flashing light but no obvious markings. Pictured heading down river and out of the harbour.

Police ? Navy ? Customs? Border patrol ?

The lifebelt has Plymouth Delta printed on it, so presumably that's the name of the craft.

Email if you know.

22 April 2022 - 08:46:20

The two most important men on the river at this moment. These are Dart Harbour's buoy jumpers whose job it is to tie up the cruise ships to the main stream buoys. Just look at that knot. They like to crochet in their spare time.

2 May 2022 - 01:50:15

The first true superyacht of the year popped in on Sunday morning, the rather fine 55 metre Adele. Launched in 2005 it was the dream boat of Dutch sailing enthusiast Jan-Eric Osterlund but he sold the yacht some years ago. Since then Adele has acquired a 'chase' boat, the equally classy Stargazer. Moored side by side in the river they looked exceptional in the early hours as the river surface calmed down.

2 May 2022 - 01:43:56

Adele on the left, Stargazer on the right. Click the pic (and also look in the April album) for more pix of these two notable craft.

2 May 2022 - 08:17:50

Clearly it was a heavy night for some.

Looks like Dart Harbour may well have to find extra accomodation for Dartmouth's resident squatters.

The seal pontoon of Kingswear appears to be doing its job rather well. However if any more arrive.........

23 April 2022 - 09:42:20

But.....last week's front page picture (now viewable further down this page) has proved a shade alarming. I zoomed in on each of the five seals that were residing atop RDYC dinghy pontoon only to see that this little lad or lass on the right has something of a wound around its neck.

I'm pretty certain that it's not a gps type collar. I fear the creature had become caught in some sort of noose.

27 April 2022 - 14:38:27

Construction news - the white roof is on the new reception building at Noss on Dart. A shade bright at the present.

There will be an apartment block on the bank in front coming soon.

26 April 2022 - 13:42:25

People frequently refer to an incessant drone of noise. This was simply an incessant drone.

For nearly half an hour it went up and down the Dartmouth shore.

If I had to guess, and I simply do have to guess - it'll belong to a surveyor working for a developer.

27 April 2022 - 15:03:42

A particularly low and extraordinarily fast fly through from RAF Puma XW212 .

Seen here turning left up Beacon Road in Kingswear.

23 April 2022 - 15:04:45

The departure of cruise ship Maud last weekend was worth seeing.

It looked like the passengers had been enjoying themselves.

23 April 2022 - 15:09:09

If you want to see more of Maud, and Ocean Nova which came in the day before, click this pic and look through the April album.

26 April 2022 - 14:15:06

The season is getting under way. The visitor's pontoon is reassembled outside Dartmouth Yacht Club.

26 April 2022 - 06:25:28

Where would we be without a decent sunrise.

30 April 2022 - 06:27:31

Within a few days that tree should get silhouetted behind the big yellow ball. Well, it will if there's no cloud.

28 April 2022 - 17:28:44

Construction update - On Castle Road in Dartmouth the (reasonably) new wall is being taken apart.

They'll be measuring up for the new double glazing soon.

28 April 2022 - 12:03:18

And on the opposite side of Warfleet Creek, Half Tide House, as it is known to me, is getting a stone face on its new quayside wall.