Every picture on this website, with no exception, is taken from one place - our Dartmouth office garden


12.30am Friday 16th August 2019  

And back to join us is Britain's most famous seal, Windo.


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And for those of you that don’t already know..........every single snap on this website is taken from one place - our garden in Above Town, Dartmouth, Devon, England

16 May 2019 05:41 PM

What's this ?  It's a sun halo of course. Not the rarest sight, but rare enough to excite me.

18 May 2019 11:06 PM

Rather super yacht (and quite possibly a Superyacht) Kamaxitha, all 55m of her, looking rather agreeable in the centre of the river Dart.

26 May 2019 11:47 AM

Whilst Trinity House vessel Galatea sorts out the bouys, the men climb atop the wartime searchlight bunkers at Froward Point.

4 May 2019 01:21 PM

Some people consider grafitti as art. Surely not in this case ?  An excursion from London ruined for many.

25 May 2019 12:01 PM

Excellent news, the paddle steamer Kingswear Castle is back in the river and plying its trade.

17 May 2019 03:31:39 PM

This barge, on an extrordinarliy long tow rope, appears to be taking rocks to Brixham.

13 May 2019 10:27 AM

There's a fabby house being built down on the Warfleet shoreline. If you were a builder you would stop to admire the view too.

26 May 2019 06:24 PM

It's a bank holiday so what are the farmers doing.......not relaxing.

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26 May 2019 12:56 PM

Devon Air Ambulance helicopter G-DAAN takes off from Coronation Park in Dartmouth after attending a medical emergency collecting a patient and setting off for Derriford hospital.

1 June 2019 08:30 AM

Windo the seal may well be popular, but do look around. This is what you would have seen on Saturday the first day of June.

1 June 2019 02:23 PM

This stricken yacht has just been collected by Dart Harbour's Hercules from its unwanted perch atop the big rock at Dittisham.

1 June 2019 03:13 PM

The Torbay Airshow at Paignton was over 6.5 miles away from the Dartmouth office. So I am not unhappy with this snapette of the Red Arrows

5 June 2019 14:03:58

A couple of guys even fetched up to feed bim. You can just make out the mackeral they threw in front of their boat. Result, one very happy Windo.

3 June 2019 19:24:59

But for those of you who don't know, this is the reason Windo is famous.

Some guy decided a wild seal has no place here and had to go. And so he rammed Windo's perch. This is his second attempt.

All very, very foolish. Because there was only ever going to be one winner. And one big time loser.

6 June 2019 12:49:15

The saga of Windo the seal is over. After a week long break on the comfiest bed in Dartmouth, the rightful owners of that bed turned up to take it away. Poor old Windo. Quite an eventful week for the chap. Quite possibly now the most famous seal in Britain.

5 June 2019 18:32:06

So Windo simply got back on his perch and continued to delight everyone else for four more days.

4 June 2019 16:49:40

Despite his ramming ordeal Windo happily carried on posing. Okay, so maybe he was occasionally a bit wary but this distance was fine.

4 June 2019 10:19:08

My favourite, one of the harbour patrol waving goodbye.

8 June 2019 08:11:04

You will, of course know, every single one of you, just why all these yachts are 'dressed'. (pssst, 8th June is the Queen's Birthday)

9 June 2019 02:37:17

Once the river started to settle the superyacht's reflection just added to things.

7 June 2019 12:29:04

Cloudbreak arriving. Her tender was almost a superboat in itself.

6 June 2019 14:55:29

And in the air we have had a visit from an Apache plus this Navy Merlin and its friendly crew.

7 June 2019 13:36:22

The RNLI had a busy week, here's the crew of their Atlantic D Class boat,  Joan Bate towing in a yacht that was in difficulties in the harbour mouth.

8 June 2019 09:09:08

I don't think they are getting any bigger. Just closer. This is the 400m Costco Shipping Aries heading for Suez from Rotterdam.

Big, ain't it?

9 June 2019 02:35:13

Silly time of the day to be up and taking pix. But it was worth it to see Cloudbreak in all its night-time glory

8 June 2019 17:38:02

Steam loco Union of South Africa was clearly having a blast on its visit to Kingswear.

10 June 2019 10:16:50

Superyacht Cloudbreak departs from Dartmouth

13 June 2019 02:14:53

One out, one in. See below for Cloudbreak's departure. In its place came Constance. Smaller, but perfectly formed.

13 June 2019 18:23:35

That's one huge girder that had to be brought in. It's down on Warfleet Creek. One slip and it would have been in the creek.

13 June 2019 19:48:13

And here's the same Coastguard helicopter departing. Surrounded by a very warm aura.

13 June 2019 18:18:44

The Coastghuard Rescue helicopter (G-MCGX as you can see) landed at Coronation Park to provide training for the volunteer RNLI and Coastguard teams.

10 June 2019 15:45:14

The crew of this rather lovely yacht Penlena insisted on sailing the entire way in. Took time, but looked magnificent.

13 June 2019 19:48:13

And here's the same Coastguard helicopter departing. Surrounded by a very warm aura.

13 June 2019 18:18:44

The Coastghuard Rescue helicopter (G-MCGX as you can see) landed at Coronation Park to provide training for the volunteer RNLI and Coastguard teams.

15 June 2019 12:36:22

An impressive craft. Cruise ship Sea Cloud II passes Kingswear Castle as she arrives in Dartmouth.

15 June 2019 12:59:20

After a quick about turn up at the Dart Marina (where the guests will have had a great view) Sea Cloud II heads down river to its mooring.

15 June 2019 13:09:58

Head on is probably not the best angle to view Sea Cloud II.

15 June 2019 13:16:57

Not the worse harbour to moor up in eh ? Welcome to Dartmouth, Devon.

15 June 2019 20:11:30

They are not often seen in the same room together. If ever. In the foreground is cruise ship Sea Cloud II departing Dartmouth after a (rather) short visit at the weekend. Whilst passing by at the end of the river is vehicle carrier RCC Tianjin travelling from Antwerp (which you all know is in Belgium) to Setubal which fewer of you will know is in Portugal.

15 June 2019 20:03:47

Sometime, the sun conspires to hit the subject at the right angle at the right time.  In this case Sea Cloud II as she departs from Dartmouth.

17 June 2019 19:44:04

Beautiful sailing barge Johanna Lucretia popped in. Apparently it wasn't a case of 'all hands on deck'.

17 June 2019 08:43:08

Our railway repair roster roundly removed or rather, replaced a wretched rail.

16 June 2019 16:49:18

This could have been soooo good. If the train had been 30 seconds earlier there would have been an almost perfect alignment of steam and, .......steam. Especially if that errant yacht could have been made to disappear.

16 June 2019 16:49:18

Seven of the Royal Navy picket boats were out together this week. Not a bad formation, but next time could you please run in numerical order?

18 June 2019 12:15:05

An excellent idea. The Health and Safety Airbag.

27 June 2019 18:27:18

Both of the Dart Inshore Lifeboats headed down to Blackpool Sands following reports of kayakers in difficulties.  (This is them returning.)

20 June 2019 11:18:45

The owners / guests aboard superyacht Legend were happy folk as their boat departed following a little Dartmouth break.

26 June 2019 14:11:00

Following some much needed tuition from an expert aircraft photographer my helicopter snaps have taken a turn for the better. Thanks, David.

27 June 2019 18:28:35

Some of the early arrivals for the weekend's Classic Yacht Regatta.

23 June 2019 21:34:24

More subtle than most. And it didn't last long.

24 June 2019 19:55:34

There was obviously a good reason why one of the harbour patrols had assistance in patrolling.  Not that I know what that good reason is.

12 July 2019 18:50:44

A Kingswear wedding with the reception held at RDYC. And so later...  ducks and drakes for entertainment.

18 July 2019 22:58:19

Paradise Point seems to be preparing for a party. But it's the moon that should be having the celebration. It's fifty years this weekend.

15 July 2019 14:10:11

What's better than a Chinook fly through ? A mighty low Chinook fly through, that's what.

18 July 2019 15:11:58

A Merlin fly by can be almost as good.

18 July 2019 23:01:27

The boat is called Princess Jasmine. Seventeen metres long and it has underwater lights at its stern. Nothing else you need to know.

17 July 2019 08:45:04

In times past people used to see how many folk could cram into a Mini. Nowadays it's how many motor vessels will fit inside the jetty.

12 July 2019 00:50:25

An exercise in technical ability...would I, at nearly 1a.m., be able to capture....ships that pass in the night ?

The one coming in is a yacht called Egret. Not sure about the other.

10 July 2019 15:19:32

Perhaps this lady is training for the weekend's Wild Water swim from Totnes. The water is probably warmer here in Warfleet Creek.

28 July 2019 16:49:46

The Union of South Africa popped in again. However, due to the sunny weather of July, and in consequence the dry undergrowth alongside the tracks, no steam engine was allowed to fire up in anger on the mainlines. Hence the U of SA was towed most of the way to Kingswear.

28 July 2019 13:06:38

If you have ever wondered what holds all the buoys in place here's your answer. A not insignificant lump of concrete.

15 August 2019 11:24 AM

A flyby for todays passing out parade. Let us hope that chap in the back doesn't pass out.

24 July 2019 22:08:19

Take your picket. The Navy out on night exercise.

24 July 2019 12:29:14

It's like the rest of the crew are deliberately ignoring their mate up there in the bosun's chair.

13 August 2019 08:38 AM

Windo the seal makes a welcome return. He's got a new houseboat, not quite so convenient to photograph, but slightly more sheltered from the attentions of any  person wishing him (or her) harm.  Thanks to the wonderful Dartmouth Castle Ferry Facebook page for the heads up.

2 August 2019 15:31:29

Farmers call this combining. It's quite the opposite really, they are actually sorting the wheat from the chaff.  

11 August 2019 10:54 PM

Superyachts by night. On the left is SY Bristolian and on the right MV Constance.

31 July 2019 18:51:02

If I were the Harbour Master I would give these two a wide berth. Oh, he has.

And I bet that no catamaran owner has ever heard that joke before. Well, not more than a few dozen times.

12 August 2019 03:53 PM

Two farming pix together. Who could ask for more.? What? You reckon this doesn't count, you reckon it's a chopper pic? Hmmm.