Every picture on this website, with no exception, is taken from one place - our Dartmouth office garden

For those of you that don’t already know..........every single snap on this website is taken from one place -

our garden in Above Town, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Sunday July 21st 2024 10.15am

Busy, busy busy. Superyacht, plus a super yacht.

Plus dozens of fabby yachts competing in the Classic Channel Regatta

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08 June 2024 - 17:15:40

The Richard Mille Cup racing continued with a pursuit race to Cowes. This means the craft crossed the start time at different times according to their handicap with the idea being that they all arrive in Cowes at roughly the same time.

Trouble is........soon after triple master Atlantic got going and passed the end of the river affording us this magnificent view, the wind died.

12 June 2024 - 14:14:47

Hertigruten cruise line's ship Maud has been a regular visitor to Dartmouth in recent years. This was her last ever visit as she will now be renamed the MS Midnatsol. (you're in trouble if you didn't guess that means 'midnight sun') and will provide a coastal service in Norway.

A popular visitor here, the Harbour Patrol boats provided an escort as Maud departed the river Dart.

As always, many more pix inside the June album. Just click the pic.

15 June 2024 - 22:08:04

Saturday night and there was a private party down onthe waterfront below us - well, I assume that the music was also coming from there.

Very unusual feeling to be above a firework display.

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15 June 2024 - 22:14:20

A slightly novel experience. At times it felt like we were inside the display.

20 June 2024 - 06:34:36

The cheeky, cheeky blighter.

29 June 2024 - 10:11:47

Do note: This is Dartmouth cool.

It's a LiteBoat. A French made coastal rowing skiff.

The wheels attach underneath for non-coastal rowing.

22 June 2024 - 12:30:42

And perched on our neighbour's tv aerial two days running was this beautiful looking and even more beautiful sounding goldfinch.

09 July 2024 - 04:38:30

Look at the time.....twenty to five in the morning. And look carefully at the photo. On the left is the Torbay Lifeboat which has just towed a yacht in from a position way south west of Start Point. On the right is the Salcombe Lifeboat  which had accompanied the pair intio Dartmouth where the Dart Lifeboat and crew, alongside the yacht in the centre of the pic took over the tow bringing the stricken yacht into safe harbour. The Torbay and Salcombe crews had launched at 11pm so, at this point have been out on the (rough) seas for six hours.  

More pix to be seen inside the July album, just click the pic.

09 July 2024 - 12:48:36

A real low flypast from an RAF Puma helicopter this afternoon.

And a few hours later it was back.........

09 July 2024 - 15:42:13

.........flying upriver that crane must have loomed large in the windscreen.

08 July 2024 - 15:04:49

Constructiion in Kingswear is not without its dangers.

Over at Inverdart a team were clearing vegetation off the cliff-face.

08 July 2024 - 09:04:08

And it appears that Kingswear gardening comes with dangers too.

08 July 2024 - 08:31:13

There is so much construction going on around the river that it is difficult to keep up.

Supplies to a number of sites are rather sensibly delivered by boat.

The driver reveresed into this slot like a pro. But then he obviously is.

09 July 2024 - 04:38:39

The Dart RNLI crew relieved the exhausted Torbay and Salcombe teams and brought the yacht to safety on one of the town jetties.

18 July 2024 - 10:41:09

The Classic Channel Regatta Parade of Sail was one of the year's best sights so far.

Seeing the river this busy was quite uplifting.

20 July 2024 - 16:05:56

Just as the Classic Channel Regatta fleet set off for their overnight cross channel race an imposter got in amongst the craft.

Superyacht Elysian. Almost fitted in.

20 July 2024 - 16:40:10

Loads more pix of superyacht Elysian canbe seen inside the July album.

Behind the 66 metre long craft is the much longer special excursion train towed by steam loco Sir Nigel Gresley.

20 July 2024 - 16:05:58

Elysian's tender kept its poncho on.

18 July 2024 - 10:43:02

Another shot of some of the craft taking part in the Classic Channel Regatta Parade of Sail on Thursday morning.

20 July 2024 - 16:18:34

On Saturday the Classic Channel Regatta fleet headed for France.  That doesn't include the ferry which has yet to clear customs.

Apparently 80 boats competed in the overnight race - initially to the Channel Islands.

18 July 2024 - 22:30:02

In the middle of the visit from the Classic Channel Regatta fleet this sensational mast, with equally sensational yacht attached sailed in.

Called Cambria.

19 July 2024 - 08:05:48

This lady is standing where the owners used to be sent.  Could she be the owner of Cambria? No idea.

19 July 2024 - 08:05:37

At the top of the Cambria's mast was this pennant, actually flown upside down. Here the pic is flipped so that you can see the design.

What do you think ? Is the boat owned byThe Pet Shop Boys ?

No, the logo is for Robbe & Berking, a Danish shipyard and museum who have been doing a little work on the craft.

18 July 2024 - 17:19:07

Built in 1928 classic yacht Cambria is a beaut.

16 July 2024 - 06:32:48

Early morning and one of the largest cranes in Devon is lifting in a piece of kit to a Kingswear house.

What could it be........

16 July 2024 - 08:44:35's another (smaller) crane. And it started installing pipework for the new Kingswear oil terminal.

Hopefully you realise that last bit is a joke. But can you guess what it is ?

17 July 2024 - 08:23:54

Let's just say, that on this planet, there are some extremely fortunate children.

17 July 2024 - 13:52:33

This chap aloft in the construction crane at Noss on Dart is 2.8 kilometres from the camera.

And still I can't get it sharp. Blame the heat haze.

09 July 2024 - 16:43:39

Someone is playing pontoon over on the Kingswear slipway. For more than a penny a point.

11 July 2024 - 10:28:14

Cruise ship Nautica was due to come into the port of Dartmouth. In the event the captain decided to stay out in the range and the passengers were ferried in. Dart Harbour supplied directions.

11 July 2024 - 12:18:48

The cliff climbing construction workers over at Inverdart have been getting more and more serious.

That's not a hand drill.

16 July 2024 - 12:02:28

Two craft which likely overstayed their welcome were sent out to the naughty step.

16 July 2024 - 12:09:34

Sails come in many guises and sizes.

19 July 2024 - 08:29:08

Swimming beside the ferry terminal doesn't sound that attractive a proposition. But in Dartmouth, off Bayards Cove, it looked delightful.

Still, not sure I'd have been that close to a prop or two.